32 comments on “Evey

  1. i think i just fell in love with your kid. sitting at the computer with a silly grin on my face. happy birthday, evey!

  2. Sigh…so sweet, Shoda-san. The lyrics ‘How great it is, to be loved by you’ suddenly popped into my brain when I was scrolling through. Great set, sir.

  3. Jaquilyn shumate on ·

    Evey hasn’t only melted your heart.. She has grabbed a hold of mine. These are magic. Happy Birthday, Evey! Xoxo

  4. I can’t wait to see her!!!!! and we definitely need some framed pics for our place!

  5. Bridgette on ·

    I love her!!! Happy Birthday Evey! Gretal says Habby birfday too!

  6. laurel on ·

    Love it. So so sweet. I know she will feel the love you have for her when she sees all the incredible moments you captured.

  7. Ahhhhh this kills me! She is the cutest thing ever. Seriously. This post melted my heart. What a beautiful little girl you have : ) Happy Birthday EVEY!!! : )

  8. Happy bday!!! She is a super cutie! Our lil girl just turned 2 in March. It is so much fun!!! Bring yo selves to Nashville, TN some time and let the girls have a playdate!!!

  9. Andria Lindquist on ·

    OMG this is the cutest thing ever. she is so lucky to have you document her life and growing up…so so sweet.

  10. Amanda Sparr on ·

    Jeramie, thank you for sharing these – she is completely heart melting!

  11. Heart melter for certain. I loved watching her grow in a single collective post. The tender quiet shots at home are my favorite. I am loving her Maneki Neko T-Shirt on the last one! Where did it come from, I need one.

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