Amanda + Matt

  • Travis Shumate
    Posted at 08:33h, 16 June

    Such an awesome couple and wonderfully captured by you, Shodiddy.

  • Hugh
    Posted at 08:52h, 16 June

    I like what you’ve been up to lately, man. Keep it coming.

  • David Robertson
    Posted at 08:53h, 16 June

    Great stuff mate. Loving the stairs shot!

  • Luis
    Posted at 09:43h, 16 June

    I’m calling textbook on this. Beautifully done, Shoda.

  • corissa
    Posted at 10:03h, 16 June

    beautiful. you did a wonderful job, as always.

  • Kate Ford
    Posted at 10:08h, 16 June

    It’s SO crisp! Loving this!

  • ryan
    Posted at 11:01h, 16 June

    love those wide shots on the hillside!

  • andrew lee
    Posted at 11:05h, 16 June

    that b&w on the beach is stellar. nice work

  • Kipples
    Posted at 11:27h, 16 June

    Backyard wedding FTW.

  • Catherine Abegg
    Posted at 11:28h, 16 June

    You’re rad. ShoDiddy… that’s perfect.

  • Tyler
    Posted at 18:47h, 16 June

    lots of goodies. lovin the color and tones outta the first set. great work, man.

  • rich
    Posted at 18:48h, 16 June

    Bam! Hell of a good-looking couple. And hell of a set of beautiful photos. It looks perfect.

  • Razvan
    Posted at 19:00h, 16 June

    That b&W frame is awesome!

  • kate hailey
    Posted at 20:01h, 16 June

    Looks good man… awesome!

  • Brian Davis
    Posted at 09:32h, 17 June

    Slick session dude. Love that B&W on the beach.

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