I believe a wedding should be about celebrating the fact that you two found each other amongst 7 billion other people and are now choosing to spend the rest of your lives together as partners. I’ve been lucky enough to have my best friend as my wife for 13 years now, and even though our wedding wasn’t much in terms of production value, I wouldn’t change a thing because we were surrounded by our loving family and friends. That’s all any good wedding needs.


I believe the purpose of having great wedding photos isn’t just to provide evidence this fantastic day happened, but more importantly, act as a time machine for your heart. It’s always my goal to make everything look polished and beautiful, but my primary concern is making the images reflect how the day felt. Work that feels alive and real, not stiff or formulaic. Through the hundreds of weddings I’ve documented, I’ve learned how to integrate myself into the mix of action, constantly observing and adapting to every moment as if taken from the perspective of an insider because I believe that’s how the most compelling stories are told.


Finally, I believe that working together should be easy and stress-free so we all enter the day with excitement knowing we can trust one another. My greatest fear is if the quality of the experience doesn’t match the quality of the photos so I’m very easy-going, flexible, and accommodating when it comes to meeting your expectations. I’ve built my business solely from the referrals of former clients and talented industry friends, and hope that our collaboration would leave you excited to recommend me to anyone in the market for a photographer.


photo credit: the amazing Caroline Ghetes.     

I married young, but I married up. My wife and I have been on a 12+ year journey together, and it’s this experience that has made the biggest impact on me as a person and an artist. Together, we created a daughter who is the center of our universe. Her imagination and sense of humor keep me young at heart though she’s who I blame for my gray hairs and smile wrinkles. As a family, our lives revolve around good food, good friends, and a love of exploring this fascinating planet together. Seattle is where we call home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



This is a collection of personal work I’ve made over the last few years consisting of my travels, family, and visual experimentations. When people ask “what do I shoot when I’m not shooting weddings?”, this is my answer.